ClickMeeting application manuals

Since all conference presentations, poster session, and symposia will be held in the ClickMeeting application, please find attached the essential information and manuals regarding:

  1. ClickMeeting event meeting settings (audio/video, PDF file)
  2. How to register and join a ClickMeeting event (YouTube)
  3. How Does a ClickMeeting Webinar Work (YouTube)
  4. ClickMeeting Chat (YouTube)
  5. How to arrange your AV window during online events (YouTube)

Open Meeting

On Thursday, 2 September, 2021 at 6 pm CEST (Brussels time), we would like to invite all conference participants interested in the ClickMeeting app. to an open meeting during which we will present additional instructions regarding organization of paper sessions, poster session, and symposiums.

ATEE 2021

ATEE 2021

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