Qing Gu

Professor Qing Gu is Director of the London Centre for Leadership in Learning (LCLL) and Professor of Leadership in Education at the UCL Institute of Education. She is the Immediate Past Chair of the British Association of Comparative and International Education (BAICE), Associate Editor of the International Journal of Educational Development, and Co-Editor of Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice. Professor Gu chairs the Governance Committee of the UCL Institute of Education-led consortium chosen by the UK Department for Education to deliver the Early Career Framework for teachers.

From 2006 until now, Professor Gu has directed and co-directed many government, research council and independent charities funded projects in the areas of teacher professional development, school leadership, school improvement, and systemic reform and change. She is currently leading a £1.9m UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) project entitled Schools as Enabling Spaces to Improve Learning and Health-Related Quality of Life for Primary School Children in Rural Communities in South Africa. Professor Gu has presented more than 100 research papers at major international and national conferences and research seminars, including keynote addresses and keynote symposiums. Some of her books have been translated into Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

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